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Title Contributor Date Section
Corpus Stylistics Paola Trimarco, The Open University 25-04-2018 context
Rowling, J. K.: The Silkworm Val Scullion, Independent Scholar - Europe 25-04-2018 works
Diosdado, Ana Patricia O’Connor, University of Cincinnati 23-04-2018 people
James, M. R. Joshua Grasso, East Central University 23-04-2018 people
Kazemi, Morteza Moshfeq Claus Pedersen, Kovenhavns Universitet 21-04-2018 people
Sanatizade Kermani, Abdolhossein Claus Pedersen, Kovenhavns Universitet 21-04-2018 people
Alabaster, William Paul Bembridge, University of Exeter 19-04-2018 people
Hejazi, Mohammad Claus Pedersen, Kovenhavns Universitet 19-04-2018 people
McGregor, Jon: Reservoir 13 Catherine Pesso-Miquel, Université Lyon II 19-04-2018 works
Cobbett, William: The Bloody Buoy thrown out as a warning to the Political Pilots of All Nations, by Peter Porcupine Robert Clark, University of East Anglia 17-04-2018 works
The Lebanese Post-civil-war Novel Felix Lang, Philipps-Universität - Marburg 17-04-2018 context
Anonymous: Libre dels tres reys d'Orient Andrew M. Beresford, University of Durham 16-04-2018 works
Defoe, Daniel: History of the Union of Great Britain Nicholas Seager, University of Keele 16-04-2018 works
Mirza Khosravi, Mohammad Baqer Claus Pedersen, Kovenhavns Universitet 16-04-2018 people
Kipling, Rudyard: The Jungle Book Emma Barnes, University of Salford 11-04-2018 works
Monsivais, Carlos Amber Workman 11-04-2018 people
Hłasko, Marek George Gasyna, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign 09-04-2018 people
Sefchovich, Sara Francesca Dennstedt, Washington University St. Louis 09-04-2018 people
Sheridan, Richard Brinsley: The School for Scandal Joshua Grasso, East Central University 09-04-2018 works
Burns, Robert: To a Mouse Moira Hansen, University of Glasgow 25-03-2018 works