Articles published in the last 30 days

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Title Contributor Date Section
Wolf, Christa: Medea: Stimmen Claire E. Scott, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill 17-01-2018 works
Anonymous: Capystranus Anastasija Ropa, Bangor University 16-01-2018 works
Blasim, Hassan Johanna Sellman, Ohio State University 16-01-2018 people
Böll, Heinrich: Fürsorgliche Belagerung Herbert Rowland, Purdue University 16-01-2018 works
Lenz, Siegfried: Es waren Habichte in der Luft Marc J. Schweissinger, University of Wales, Cardiff 16-01-2018 works
Alonso de Santos, José Luis: Bajarse al moro Duncan Wheeler, University of Leeds 12-01-2018 works
Le Carré, John: The Constant Gardener LynnDianne Beene, University of New Mexico 12-01-2018 works
Limentani, Giacoma Luciano Parisi, University of Exeter 12-01-2018 people
Limentani, Giacoma: Trilogia Luciano Parisi, University of Exeter 12-01-2018 works
Anonymous: De Tribus Regibus Mortuis Rebecca Pope, University of Kent at Canterbury 11-01-2018 works
Pernette, Du Guillet Elizaveta Lyulekina, CUNY Graduate Center 11-01-2018 people
Anonymous: Gamelyn Geert Van Iersel, Fontys University of Applied Sciences 09-01-2018 works
French Renaissance Tragedy Brian Moots, Pittsburg State University 09-01-2018 context
Hermann, Judith: Sommerhaus später, 1998 Paul Gebhardt, Kenyon College 09-01-2018 works
Wierzyński, Kazimierz Michael Lavery, University of California, Los Angeles 09-01-2018 people
Fielding, Henry: The Journal of a Voyage to Lisbon Joshua Grasso, East Central University 08-01-2018 works
Kupala, Ianka: Tuteishia Aliaksandra Razor, University of California, Los Angeles 08-01-2018 works
Haydar, Jawdat May Maalouf, Lebanese University 05-01-2018 people
Shevelov, George Andrii Danylenko, Pace University 05-01-2018 people
Anonymous: Octavian Amy Burge, University of Wales, Cardiff 27-12-2017 works
Balzac, Honoré de: Les Chouans Heather Williams, University of Wales 27-12-2017 works
Brizeux, Auguste Heather Williams, University of Wales 27-12-2017 people
Corbière, Tristan Heather Williams, University of Wales 27-12-2017 people
Hugo, Victor: L'Homme qui rit Emma Bielecki, King's College London 27-12-2017 works
Anonymous: Sir Owain Shawn McAvoy, Arizona State University 22-12-2017 works